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Stone: Obsidian

Scent: Cedarwood

DALL·E 2024-05-17 17.24.16 - A vintage-style artwork depicting an obsidian stone being hea


  Grab some headphones or sit with some speakers and listen to the Primal Relic. 

Choose a primal atmosphere.  At the waves of an ocean or on a boat. In the forest or during a pause on a hike surrounded by trees.  You can also visualize these locations in your minds eye. 


Place the song on repeat for up to 30 mins. 


Sit with the elements. 


Use Cedarwood oil. Add a drop to your feet, ankles, and any other place you feel called. Hold it in your hands and breathe in the medicine of cedarwood.


Bring your love to your fears in the face of this raw earth. 

Wrap this experience in love and tune in.

What message does the Primal Relic have for you?

Creative Prompt

What is love in the face of fear?

What does the primal nature of the earth teach you? 

What wants to be built from this solid ground?

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