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A journey into rhythm. An exporation of sound.

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The Story Behind the Song

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During 2020, We all had extra time on our hands. 

I wanted to build my relationship with the rc505 loop station. It was a study of surrender and vocal freedom. Through that, I accessed parts of me that I had stuffed away long ago.


Anuwe was birthed around 60 toning loop sessions in. On that day, I knew I wanted to go beyond layering tones and body inspired sounds. I desired the phonetics to move my mouth. So I surrendered to this and surrendered again and again until I began to sing the word "Anuwe."


 When it arrived, my cells lit up. It felt so right! When I surrendered just a little bit more and asked if that was it, the phrase, "Anuwe nin so" came through. 


 When I revisited the song two years later, it felt like the time to refine the track and bring it to the world. That very night I woke up in the early morning, 3 am, was an inner fire to discover the meaning of the words I channeled. 


When I searched "Anuwe," it came up as "mercy" in the Nigerian language  Hausa. I then looked up "Anuwe nin so," and it came up as "I love you" in Hausa. Hausa is a language I have no connection to in 'knowing,' but it's a Nigerian language, the land where my ancestors are from. 


When I went deeper, I discovered that "Anuwe nin so" means two things. 'I love you' in Hausa and 'what a pity' in Yoruba. Yoruba is another Nigerian language embedded into my DNA, a connection point to a past I've sometimes felt was lost. 

For me, it's hard to physically trace back my ancestry because it stops at a certain point, with my family being brought over from Africa to the islands. So to be given this gift, to reconnect with my ancestors through sound vibration, through my desire, through my calling. It blew my mind.


How beautiful for these words to come through me, representing grief and celebration, darkness and light.


I'm sharing this story to impart to you that nothing is ever lost. All of your ancestors are here to bless you right now. They are speaking to you, calling to you, and working through you. The more we surrender to listening, the more they can welcome themselves through us and move into the earth.


 As you drop into this song, recognize the magnitude of this simple act of tapping into the core truth of who you are.

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