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Anuwe Instagram Quest

I've once again cleared my feed, and the next Instagram gallery is given over to creative hearts that I love from around the world. 

I want to celebrate your art, and here is a private invitation to my Anuwe Gallery | Kalarhythm

To celebrate the new song.. "Anuwe"

I"m opening up my page to a select group of artists. Bring your movement and dance, visual artists, and sound arts.


Whats your style?


Are you using your voice or your movement or both. Visual artists also welcomed. 

Tap into your creative flow, your ancestry, and your phoenix.

Pull out

your camera


The invitation is to:

Dance it! Tone it! Record yourself speaking it as a poem, or offer in any creative way you see fit.

Use my song "Anuwe"


When you create your reel, Hit the music button and add my song Anuwe by Sri Kala.

Description & Tags

Add some words to that blend with your media.


Before you post be sure to tag @srikalagram to be sure I get the notifications.  


The final key step is Instagram Collab Post, and the post will be featured on my Instagram feed.... 

How to create an Instagram Collab post?


To create a Collab post with @srikalagram by inviting that account to be a collaborator. Once I accept the invitation, the post will be shared from both of our accounts.

  1. To begin, click the + sign to create a new post.

  2. Once you’ve uploaded the content, click on “Tag people.”

  3. Click on “Invite collaborator.”

  4. Search for my account, "srikalagram" and click on the profile

  5. Wait for my team to accept the request. Send a direct message, email, or text and back up Instagram notification to be sure I see it. 

Once I've accepted the invitation, the post will live on both accounts’ grids and feeds.



  • Blurry videos will not be accepted

  • Think about your background before you record. 

  • No need for a big production. Have fun and let it be simple and easy. Give me a glimpse in your life. How do you express your connection to your Ancestry? How does the music move you? 

Looking forward to creating together!
~ Sri
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