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Anuwe Instagram Quest

To celebrate the release of my latest single "Anuwe", I'm making room on my Instagram feed for your voice and movement. 

Voice or Movement?

Decide whether you are going to express through your voice or your movement or both.

Pull out

your camera

The invitation is to:

Dance it! Tone it! Record yourself speaking it as a poem, or offer in any creative way you see fit.

Use my song "Anuwe"

When you create your reel, Hit the music botton and add my song Anuwe by Sri Kala.

Add Tags

Before you post be sure to tag @srikalagram  in the description and add me as a collaborator. 

How to create an Instagram Collab post?


To create a Collab post with another account, you need to first invite that account to be a collaborator. Once they accept the invitation, the post will be shared from both accounts.

To be clear, the original author owns the post and if they delete it, it will also be deleted from the collaborator’s account. The original author also has to have a public profile to create a Collab post.

  1. To begin, click the + sign to create a new post.

  2. Once you’ve uploaded the content, click on “Tag people.”

  3. Click on “Invite collaborator.”

  4. Search for the account and click on their profile

  5. Wait for them to accept the request.

Once they’ve accepted the invitation, the post will live on both of the accounts’ grids and feeds.



  • Blurry videos will not be accepted

  • Think about your background before you record. 

  • Have fun!

Let your mind go and just feel and express...

Dance it, Sing it or both.

Express yourself through creative alchemy.

see you soon,
Sri Kala

listen to the audio above to continue

Complete this and collect your treasure...

transparent 2.png
transparent 3.png

Your coins can get you lots of things from the creative tool kit..

  • A private creative consultation on a project or topic

  •  a Human Design poem custom crafted by Sri

  • a Vocal Toning blessing

  • and more

Your Mission: Express what Surrender means to you.

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