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Album Description:


The album title "Beautiful Dark Moon" is a translation of my full name. Sri Kala Chandra Das.


Sri = Beautiful. Kala = Dark. Chandra = moon. Das = Servant. 

One translation is: A servant of the one who is beautiful like the moon in the night time.


So, although Beautiful Dark Moon is the album name still you can say it's self titled. It represents a 4 year journey of growth. A dance through the celebration and challenges. Through the ups and downs of life and expressing what I've learned through sound vibration. A completely self produced, recorded, written and mixed body of work. A creation of beats, bass and lyrics created with codes and frequencies to take the listener deeper into themselves and inspire creative freedom.


There is a special kind of beauty that comes out under the moonlight when the sunlight is gone. In integrating the dark and the light there is an eternal happiness that overflows. 

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All songs produced and mixed by SriKala

All Lyrics written by SriKala except additional lyrics on “Moon on the Rise”.

Mastering by Kevin Blackler 

Cover Image by Lori Menna

Unique Masterpiece Artists

Additional Credits:


Moon On The Rise

Lyrics By SriKala & Richard Johnson

Guitar by Gavi Grodsky


Already Here

Backing Vocals by Jesse Johnson and Tulsi Devi


Added On

Flute by Juan Carlos

Bass by Lavondo Thomas

Chorus Backing Vocals by Jesse Johnson and Laura Fey Lewis

Music Video:


Warrior Sound

Violins by Tulsi Devi



Mbira by Kevin Nathaniel

Mrdanga by Abhijeet Bhattacharjee

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