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Channel it

Creative Expression Journey

The Channel It Creative Expression Journey is all about welcoming ALL of who you are. Not just when things feel good, not just when you're having a great day when the art and music are flowing. But how do you still create when you're having an off day?

In this journey, you will have the opportunity to be in a powerful community with Sri & his team as they challenge you to create and show up in new and adventurous ways. 


Experiment and experience bold new ideas with 8 creative gates that will engage and amplify you.

Through Channel It, we will drop in around what it means to create from your joy, create from your sadness, and from your grief. To create from all parts of who you are; dark, light, happy, sad. And we'll talk about the effect that that has on the mind, the body, the emotional body. Through creative play and expressive challenges, Sri Kala will create space for these hidden parts of ourselves to be felt, seen, and then we will write it, sing it, and dance it. 

 In addition to the experience, every participant that completes the challenge will receive access to a chunky bag of $Sri social token. $SRI is a unique creative currency that you can then use to access VIP experiences with Sri Kala and his crew of Unique Masterpiece Artists. 


 In order to actualize what you want, there must be space from all the noise. Space from all the cycling of thoughts that go on when things are not expressed, or met, or felt. We have to learn how to create from those spaces, feel those spaces, and visit them in order to make room for us to create anything new.

Ready to CREATE? Grab your space in the Channel It Creative Expression Journey,  Enrollment is open now.

About Your Guide

Sri Kala has a deep connection to the oscillations of sound vibration. With nearly twenty years of practice and study, Sri has mastered a rare capacity to hear and feel energy frequencies on the subtle platform and recreate them with his voice to promote healing for the mind and body.


His specialty is in serving the most masterful of teachers, visionaries, and creatives.


Through one on one and group sessions he activates more awareness of self love and individual unique expression.

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