It's time to come home...

Experience your life and your art on your terms

We leave our home behind to live in someone else's house. To live someone else's purpose. To speak through someone else's voice. 


Im calling you home into your unique song that only you can sing. Free from what is popular, what is advertised, what was learned from your parents. Free from the voices of old that dictate how and what you should create. 


Arriving at the profound truth that was and is always already here. That you are divine spark of God with unlimited creativity to express and with love to channel.

Pick a song to start your journey...

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This is an intimate and private connection. Where we explore the boundaries of creative limitations.  Calling in lost parts of you into masterpieces of art. 

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Actualize Recording Retreat is for singer-songwriters, poets, rappers, producers, and artists of all genres. From musical masters to weekend warriors, we will welcome a select few creators into this retreat who are eyeing the next level of expression. This curated container is designed to take you to the core of your creative process and propel you into your evolution as a human and creator.

Actualize Recording Retreet

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"Channel It" is all about welcoming ALL of who you are. Not just when things feel good, not just when you're having a great day when the art and music are flowing. But how do you still create when you're having an off day?

In the Channel It 7-day challenge, you will have the opportunity to be in a powerful community with Sri & his team as they challenge you to create and show up in new and adventurous ways.

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HeartFire Festival is the next space to catch me LIVE! Join us for incredible music, workshops, and VIBES ❤️. Love and 🔥 are in the air!

Use the code SRIKALA25 at check out to receive a juicy discount!


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