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New Release

The album title "Beautiful Dark Moon" is a translation of SriKala's full name: Sri Kala Chandra Das. This "self titled" LP represents a 4 year journey of exceptional growth for SriKala. SriKala's fans are invited to join him on a new dance through the celebration and challenges of life. 

Beautiful Dark Moon is a completely self produced, recorded, written and mixed body of work. In a style unique to SriKala he brings the listener to a deeper point of self reflection through carefully constructed sound frequencies that draw upon his inspiration.  


SriKala is an American singer-songwriter. His Beautiful Dark Moon LP released this summer showcases SriKala’s distinct ability to incorporate insightful and uplifting songwriting with edgy organic and electronic dance beats layered over melodic hip hop tones and a reggae vibe. 

Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Genres: Hip Hop Fusion, Contemporary R&B, Synth Pop

Years Active: 2011- Present

Label: Independent

Website: SriKala.com

"Joy is the objective" ~ SriKala



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