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SriKala is an American singer-songwriter. His Beautiful Dark Moon LP released in 2019 blends insightful and uplifting songwriting over hip hop and reggae rhythm. New Music for 2020 is a blissful reinvention of SriKala's sound and devotional lyricism. He transforms the AfroPop and Contemporary R&B genres to create a unique appeal. SriKala's community leadership and fan club are his commitment to uplifting all people to a higher ground.

New Release About

The album title "Beautiful Dark Moon" is a translation of SriKala's full name: Sri Kala Chandra Das. This "self titled" LP represents a 4 year journey of exceptional growth for SriKala. SriKala's fans are invited to join him on a new dance through the celebration and challenges of life. 

Beautiful Dark Moon is a completely self produced, recorded, written and mixed body of work. In a style unique to SriKala he brings the listener to a deeper point of self reflection through carefully constructed sound frequencies that draw upon his inspiration.  

Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Genres: Afro Pop, Hip Hop Fusion, Contemporary R&B

Years Active: 2011- Present

Label: Independent

Website: SriKala.com

"Joy is the objective" ~ SriKala



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