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Srikala cultivates love and expresses it through music. His new self titled album blends insightful and uplifting songwriting over hip hop and reggae rhythm. New Music for 2020 transforms the AfroPop and Contemporary R&B genres to create a unique sound for the masses. Though music is his primary avenue of expression, Srikala also loves serving creatives as a Creative Coach and Teacher of Mind Body and Spirit wellness.


Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Genres: Afro Pop, Hip Hop Fusion, Contemporary R&B

Years Active: 2011 - Present

Label: Independent




About Srikala's Self Titled Album

Srikala’s first self-titled album is a sonic expression of coming home. Through his musical collages we take glimpses into the collected parts of himself. With the sounds of Afrobeat, R&B Fusion, Mantra and Hiphop.  It is Brooklyn meets LA, Africa meets India. You can hear the deep healing and spiritual meaning he found through the Eastern spiritual traditions. You can taste his recent awakenings from the spices of his african roots. As you listen to the album, you can follow the line of your father’s father or mother’s mother and touch the electricity that gives deeper clarity to the soul.



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