Human Design Sessions With Sri Kala

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Gain insight into your subconscious and use its energy to thrive.
What is uniquely authentic for your life?
Learn what you actually have the energy for in life and what is draining.
Learn about how to convert life's pressures to freedom.


Special Gift for all Sessions:​

  • A "One of a Kind" Human Design Audio - Visual NFT which includes:

    • Your Unique Song. A musical representation of your unique Human Design. Your very own personal poem based on your Human Design that Sri Kala creates from your session. The song is a combination of Sri Kala’s vocal tonings with your HD poem spoken on top. 1 min mp3

    •  Extended Ambient Instrumental without words.. Just my toning. up to 2 mins mp3

    • Full Quality version of "Realization", Audio-Visual Poem to activate your True Self.

   NFT is a digital stamp of ownership of a collection of art. It's like having a certificate for a Van Gogh painting that says you are the current owner. It's a new way of ownership that allows creatives to truely value their work. PLUS it's a cool new innovative way to recieve your bonus material.

You can Book on the Website, Or Buy the NFT. Either route includes everything.

Human Design is a glimpse into how we are built and how to best respond to the world. Created through collaboration of ancient and modern systems. Discover what makes you different from everyone else and how to best work and play with others around you. 

     My Journey with Human Design

I already have a pretty natural sense of what messages a person needs for their expansion. Through my different practices of meditation I listen through my body and through my inner ear. As long as I have the agreement of the person inquiring, I get clear messages and reflections to share. The beauty of Human Design is that it confirms this information that I receive and fills in the gaps in beautiful ways. So I approach Human Design from an extremely intuitive space. I’m usually guided to certain areas of the body graph instead of taking a linear movement through each planet.

      What I love the most about Human Design is how it teaches me to honor differentiation. That although we have the same spark of life we all express it differently and have different characteristics. As a creatively inspired being, I see it as art. Different notes and scales that create a unique song for each person.


As a 2/4 - 2 being the hermit. I’ve spent a lot of my life frustrated that I wasn’t more social. I resented the part of myself that wanted alone time. In Human design I came to understand that being alone is a major part of how I thrive in the world. Being private and reserved is an essential part of who I am. This is only one of the many insights i've gained through my study of Human Design. Falling in love with all side of myself allows me to be more embodied. More active and in service in my life.


Every time I give a reading I learn more about the world around me and more about myself, so I have a deep love for helping others through my study of Human Design. I look forward to serving your greatest potential.

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