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Mindfulness & Writers Bliss

Are you a poet, song writer, spoken word artist or writing enthusiast? Have a deep calling to connect your writing to your inner work? Do you have words, feelings and expressions that you want to bring to the surface? Want more confidence and trust in your own imagination?
Srikala is hosting 60 minute live online group sessions to fine-tune your inner master and unlock more dimensions of writing. Each session is filled with: 
  • writing with prompts and games.
  • Guided meditation
  • Simple qigong movements
  • Easy breathwork exercises
All in service to the expansion of your inner sense and writing mastery.
“I believe that brilliance is the point of connection between creativity and deeper levels of self realization. As a spiritual mentor, I help creatives develop an approach to music creation with practical techniques and spiritual insights.”
Srikala has been practicing and teaching the healing art of meditation, mantra, qigong, yoga and energy work for almost twenty years. Since 2012, he has produced and performed original music and released hundreds of tracks as a solo artist, featured artist and music producer. 
In this workshop you will:
Gain more confidence in your creative abilities
Clarify what your message is that you want to share with the world.
Access more of your unique story.
Expand the range of vulnerability and intimacy.
Learn to channel the words of the higher self and spiritual guides.
Connect your voice to important topics of today:
  • Racism and inequality
  • Sex and spirituality
  • Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine 
  • Money and prosperity.
Deeper embodiment and clarity on your own mission, vision and desires.
Greater connection and TURNED ON by the world around you.
Any more questions 
Reach out to 
Dates: 1:30pm PST on
Aug 19th, Aug 26th, Sept 2nd, 
Sept. 9th, Sept 16th

Nourish the Writer

Nourish the Soul

Meditation, breathwork and writing sessions guided by Srikala that support connection between your writing and your inner work.

5 one hr group sessions

Starts August 19th

Every Wednesday

1:30pm - 2:30pm PST  



4 one hr sessions

Starts August 13th

Every Thursday

1:30pm - 2:30pm PST  


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