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20th Gene Key - from Superficiality to Self Assurance

This past week, I had the pleasure of frequently discussing the 20th Gene Key. On Monday, I spoke at the Actualize Artist Roundtable, where we examined superficiality and its role in creativity. I also conducted three separate private readings, all of which featured the 20th gate either in the sun sign or another prominent planet. Here’s what I learned:

Superficiality is the shadow, but it can also be expressed as an art form. When expressed artistically, it offers both the creator and the audience insight into their own shadows. Watching the roundtable group intentionally express their superficial sides was both enlightening and amusing.

These experiences prompted many realizations about embodying the shadow and expressing it authentically.

The gift of the 20th Gene Key centers on deep self-assurance. It’s about trusting oneself and cultivating a profound sense of presence. This presence isn’t about being in the mind but being fully in the moment and allowing decisions to arise naturally rather than through overthinking.

This presence is felt in the body as deep relaxation. In my readings this week, I noticed that those with this gate in a prominent position often confuse urgency or excitement with intuition or necessity.  

“I must say this right now!”

However, words resonate more deeply when spoken from a place of relaxation rather than from a state of fight or frenzy. This state is not about being absent but being actively aware, relaxed, and self-assured.

In the gift of the 20th Gene Key, you allow everything to come to you instead of chasing after it.

May you continue to find humor in superficiality, experience deep relaxation, and enjoy the blessing of presence in your life.


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