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LOVE BLAST: Am I aware of my blessings?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Let's tune into the sacral together. What can you say about your blessings?

Even when a little turbulence and discomfort comes up in your environment... your blessings are still holding you.

I invite you to join me in some fun creative expression sessions over the next few weeks. You can sing, you can write, you can paint, you can move... whatever feels good. We'll have a prompt to guide us and a special track to move us through. And if you're open, I also invite you to share a piece of what you created with us inside the VIP community.

With this first prompt, look around you. What can you identify as a blessing in your life right now?

Here's what I see...

Am I aware of my blessings?

I got blessings to be aware of

I will stay true

The ocean waves through my windows

The air is crisp, fresh, and alive.

I sing all things into alignment.

In my state of heart

I know who god is.

Being aware of the blessings

Is the only effort that is required

Where action doesn't feel like arduous work.

I call out the blessings at home

And leave the family fortified.

My son will grow feeling like his world is right for him.

I find blessings in the things that are going well…

And the things that are not going well.

Fall in love with all sides

Queen Kunti codes

Keep the blessings alive.

~ Words by Sri Kala

Here's my special audio message on blessings:

What do you see? Use these sacral sounds to support you in tuning in:

See you in the group:

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