Author of the Trees

I'm surrounded by someone else's design. Which leaves me asking, shall I rebel or cocreate? During this NYC trip I have the strong awareness that everything I see was put there by a human. Surrounded on all sides by the results of someone's focused thoughts and feelings that lead to carefully planned streets and sidewalks. Office buildings at various heights. Restaurants and grocery stores. Buses, trains and cars. With thousands of people using all of its exits and entrances. When I walk these streets, I can't help but wonder... is it all a reminder of the same creative potential that exists within me? Or is my voice being engulfed by a barrage of some else's flavors? Then I took a trip to Upstate NY to be with the trees. A contrast like this brings great perspective. There I found myself surrounded once again. But this time by landscapes that were created by wherever the seeds dropped over time. It amazes me that we go to these places untouched by human thoughts and emotion to rest and rejuvenate. The earth, flow and peace that comes from rivers carving pathways through the trees. It helps me appreciate the fire, drive and stimulation that lives in the fast-paced cities. How much I appreciate both. What range of balance is needed to experience complete fulfillment. Though this forest has a flare of randomness, I feel an intelligent design behind where those seeds landed. A being that lives in a greater field of creativity that is painting scenes of green, brown and blue. I feel as if I'm related to this person. A child of. A partner in creation. It gives rise to a very important question. How likely is it that the author of this forest and the city designer are the same? That could give rise to some turbulent feelings. I use to feel like the city was an immature attempt by humans for more enjoyment . Now a days all of my cells sigh from releasing resistance to these grand designs. Feeling this omnipotent architect welcoming me into their presence wherever I go. With this balance, I find there is more space to express my soul fearlessly, freely and in co-creation.

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