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The Creative Power of Chaos

By Sri Kala | July 2nd 2024

Chaos is often misunderstood. To many, it conjures images of uncontrollable, tumultuous situations, something to be avoided at all costs. But what if we could see chaos differently? What if chaos could be a gateway to freedom, creativity, and self-discovery? In a world where so many feel trapped in old ways of living, embracing chaos might just be the key to unlocking a more free, wild, and authentic life. Let's explore the transformative potential of chaos and how it can help us break free from the confines of conformity.

Definitions and Perceptions of Chaos:

Different definitions of chaos exist in this world. People have their thoughts and ideas of chaos, such as Chaos is disorder when a society breaks down. Chaos is bad and a sign that you're off or wrong. I just saw a well-known wellness teacher say an affirmation: “I release all Chaos and Confusion” while waving his hands in the air as if he were removing it from his aura. 

But chaos can also be, "I don't know what's gonna happen." I don’t know who I am or feelings and urges that don't feel presentable.

Thus, we go through life with parts of ourselves repressed as we do so much work to try to stop this inner chaos to reach the correct and acceptable space. 

Chaos is a lost potential energy.

Finding Continuity through Chaos:


  Chaos is often seen as synonymous with confusion or messiness. In my creative process, I start by accepting messiness and confusion without trying to fix them, exploring their colors and textures in a state of exploration. In accepting where my chaos truly is, new patterns and structures emerge. I arrive at amazing pieces of art that I couldn't have done by going straight for perfection. 

  When working with clients, I find that exploring their messiness and giving them permission to make bad art. This weaving in expressions of their emotional body unlocks in them a profound flow of creative energy and awareness of what more is available for them in their lives. 

Reclaiming Lost Archetypes:

There are parts of you that have been yearning since ancient times. Finding pathways for them to move through your body is essential. Often, who we truly are might seem like chaos because we're coming from so many other people bringing their information and saying, "Brand it like this, do it like that." 

The truth of who you are gets pushed into a space of messiness and confusion. 

“You're going to do what?! You should do it like you've always been doing it. You should do it like your mama said to do it." At first, it feels like chaos. So, we must visit the chaos field to play in it, express ourselves through it, and feel it so that we can unravel in it. 

This is what actualization is also about—creating a safe space to explore your chaos so you can bring through the forms that want to be visited, seen, and felt.

We're releasing other people's ways and profoundly understanding how we use our way in collaboration with others.

Using Chaos for Creative Expression:

What does it mean to be in chaos? To use it to create frames, to get wild? How chaos could be something perfect. How chaos could be the actual expression.

Bring chaos into your creative expression. 

When I start writing songs, I start with a theme or prompt and then I will step back and go wild on that paper, get messy, open, and let everything come through. Once that's all down, it usually forms itself. It'll find its continuity; the exciting thing is that whatever I want to create in this world either becomes more tangible or creates itself. I just have to be willing to be in my mess and chaos, which sometimes is no easy feat. Playing in or letting yourself be guided through is a vulnerable process. 

Messiness is in service to the organization. From doing this messy exploration, if anybody asks me at any moment to express myself, I can do it. That's because of these archetypes that I have reclaimed through my creative process. 

I have the silly one, the angry one, the sad one, and the one who wants to love. 

These archetypes sometimes get lost because the angry one is not supposed to be here. Be nice, and keep it together! The silly one is not supposed to be here. Be serious!

"Okay, you guys, I don't know how you got into that discard pile, but bring your booties back into the space where I can use you as tools for my canvas."

Embracing chaos is not about succumbing to disorder but about recognizing the potential energy it holds. It's about reclaiming those parts of ourselves that society has deemed unworthy or inappropriate and using them as tools for our personal growth and creative expression. By dancing with chaos, we open ourselves to new possibilities and pathways leading to a more authentic and liberated life. So, the next time you face chaos, remember that it’s an opportunity to explore, play, and discover the true essence of who you are.


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