Enlightenment to Authenticity

Updated: Jan 17

Will someone please look in my direction and smile? Come over and let me know that I'm beautiful! Signal to me with a wink that you want me in your life. I stand here at Astor Place in the middle of a busy New York City street. Remembering myself in this same spot 17 years ago starving for validation and acknowledgment. Wanting so deeply to be loved. Hoping that at any moment I would breathe a sigh of relief from someone inviting me into their presence with a pleased gaze. In every millisecond I asked any sign of life, “are you going to be the one to love me?” Fast forward to this present moment, I wonder where that default feeling has gone? I peep into the holes that I reserved for others to fill and there I was, smiling and being the Love that I desired. There is nothing these beautiful strangers could give me that I don't already have. From here, Every eye I meet isn't a source to fill a vacancy but a recipient of what overflows Maybe this is just growing up. Or all this inner work is finally paying off. ~SriKala

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