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Inherit The Earth - 15th Gene Key

As the sun traveled through the 15th Gene Key it revealed some of its treasures. Here are my contemplations on what the I Ching calls "The Flowering Spring".

the flowering spring earth resonance

 Seeing something precious in all things. Whether rich or poor. Whether ugly or beautiful. Whether famous or unknown. There is a unified vision that embraces all things.


 There is a sweet spot to this vision. In my love of all things, I must include the extremes of life—both the really passionate moments and the dull moments. The moments when someone sees that something is off and the moments when I feel something is on. Dirt and food are one, but you can't eat dirt.

It's all part of being diverse in my artistic expression, not because we are on a save-the-world mission but because all parts of the world can be used and uniquely recreated creatively. I am a remixer. That is something that interests me in this life. I create art and language with all my emotions.

    This is why it's essential to slow down and see life in slow motion. Schuman resonance. The Schumann Resonance, 7.8 hz, is a frequency that moves way slower than most humans are used to.

Slow your reaction time to see how projections are mixed up with a unified vision vs a harmonizing vision that is reactive and neutralizes desire and passion. Spend time in nature, in the wilderness, with plants, trees, and animals naturally experiencing nature's cycles. They are naturally slow, and this will resync your energy field to a very magnetic level of seeing and being.

The heartbeat of the earth. What would it mean to always stay in tune with the heartbeat of the planet, no matter where you are? Though I love a fixed location of home, I prefer that my well-being isn't limited by my location.

   I've also experienced slowing down without going into nature. Simply by watching how fast I've wanted to react to the world with words. I quickly I jump into my wifes sentences. Instead of acting on the urge of something "SOOO IMPORTANT TO SAY", I breathed and observe the nature of that thought and see where its stemming from. I was amazed to see that most of the time, it was from a projection that I was placed on top of my wife versus who she was in the moment.

   What would it be like to connect to the wild natural rhythms of the earth? When the Bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth, this is more than just dogma; it's a tangible physical, emotional, and subtle experience that a human can achieve in this lifetime. In inheriting the earth, we can experience all the extremes and all the qualities, dull or vibrant, as a potent expression of God's love, then turn on a very powerful magnet that gives life back to itself.

With love

Sri Kala

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