Reclaiming Our Power

Updated: Feb 3

500 years ago I walked as a King in Africa.

That title though was only by name.⁠ It took everything that happened since then to bring me here..⁠ With the clarity that there is nothing standing in my way.⁠

There never was.⁠ ⁠

Not when the pale-faced forced my ancestors to get on those boats. ⁠Not when the slave owners put tools in our hands to work their fields.⁠ Not when the bus driver said I had to sit in the back.⁠ Not when my hands were pressed up against the hood of your patrol vehicle as you searched me for contraband I never had an interest in carrying.⁠ ⁠

All of this so that we can claim the next level of the kingdom here on Earth. ⁠Royalty.

Kings and Queens.

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