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There is nothing like experiencing a deep sense of ease when you are going up against a challenge. But what happens when there is pressure and overwhelm? What’s in your tool belt to transmute that and continue with your unique mission?   


This song is for all those that show up with their service -- day in and day out making it happen, in service to the evolution of our planet. This new song “Pressure” is also an ode to those that see the blessing in discomfort. It’s a tool to navigate the overwhelm. Navigate pressure. 


Kyle Bent is the perfect feature for this track. He came into my studio and did the whole verse without writing. He sat right in front of the mic and let his genius go. To me he brings together two important aspects of the renaissance artist… First, His skill level with words is unparalleled. Second, He’s sincerely focused on becoming a better human and understanding the holistic levels of life.


Pressure is deep beats, hiphop, trap fusion and bass colliding with Asian string instruments (Chinese violin and India’s Esraj). 


Music produced, lyrics written (except for Kyle’s Verse), song mixed and mastered by me. I had the fortune of working with “Diamond” as a consultant and co-producer on this track,  one of J. Coles producers of Dreamville Records.


Please enjoy this new musical creation. From my heart to yours!

Srikala - Pressure Ft. Kyle Bent.png


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