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You've made it through the first gate!

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listen to the audio above to continue

Complete this and collect your treasure...

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Your coins can get you lots of things from the creative tool kit..

  • A private creative consultation on a project or topic

  •  a Human Design poem custom crafted by Sri

  • a Vocal Toning blessing

  • and more

Your Mission: Express what Surrender means to you.

Pick 1 topic

in your life

What you choose can be fun & simple. It can also be deep & heavy. Let it be true to what is here and now... 

Pull out

your camera

The invitation is to:

Dance it! Tone it! Record yourself speaking it as a poem, or offer in any creative way you see fit.

Use Surrender

"Cosmic Mix"

Use my new released "Surrender - Cosmic Mix" or "Channel It - instrumental" & Surrender into it...

Have a 5-min


Meditate & Tune into what is the most upfront feeling. Can you feel the texture of what wants to move through you?

After your meditation,

allow the experience of this feeling to write through you.

Dance it through. Sing it through it.

Express yourself through creative alchemy.

Through your creative expression, your item of Surrender

leaves you and becomes medicine for everyone else who sees it.

Bring it into form

& allow your "Surrender" to be witnessed!


Let your mind go and just feel and express...

See you on the other side!


Drop your recording below to continue through the KalaRhythm portal:

see you soon,
Sri Kala
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