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Relics - A Multisensory Music Experience

Green Forest


 From death comes nature. Connected to the earth. What is most true rooted. Grounded. Animal forms. Innovation through earth connection.



my guide is my turn on. My hell yeah. Awakened to life. Moved by the impulse of this sacral center. The mind could never tell the difference.

Grey Brick Wall


a pillar unmoved. Neither thoughts nor words will shake. I am here. This roar is constant. A quiet storm ready to be seen at any moment.

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

High Heart

Enthusiasm for life. The place of grief and praise. The center of the god wound. Love expressed and communicated.

Heavenly Sky


It wants more of itself. The longer it stays the more it wants. Coming from the deepest part. A calling home. All the way back to right where you are.

I believe in my community.

Those who believe in my art and my music and what it can do.

Music Streams

I am a musician and artist who has been creating music and art for years. While I have been fortunate enough to make some money from streaming sales, the truth is that this money isn't enough to fund the creation of new music and art. 

From April 2019 to 2023, I made $14k on streaming sales altogether. That's a tiny fraction of what I need to keep creating the music and art that you love. The reality is that platforms like Spotify pay artists between $0.003 - $0.005 per stream on average. It's simply not enough to sustain a career as an independent artist.

Touring is takes ALOT of energy.

When you see me in your town it seems like magic. POOF im there. It’s not. Theres flights, car rentals, lodging, airbnbs and hotels and the time it takes travel in between. Having a wife and a new son, that can be alot of energy and a lot of time away. I’m very careful with the events that I say yes to and that they are paying me enough for the journey. Also at times, there are events and festivals I want to play that don't have the money I want to be paid to travel there. 

My deep desire is to be liberated from being forced to tour or having a hard tour experience due to limited funds. My focus is to follow the sacrals call, not money's limitations.

A new model

There needs to be a different model for my music and for the community of artists who are here to bring their unique revolution through sound vibration.

My music is enhanced by your love.

 By supporting my here, you'll be helping me to continue creating music and art that pushes boundaries and inspires people. Your support will allow me to invest in new equipment, cover studio costs, and hire collaborators to help bring my vision to life. Plus, you'll get some amazing rewards for your support, including exclusive music, shows, and more.


So if you believe in the power of music and art to change the world, then please consider supporting my campaign today. Together, we can make a difference and create something truly special. Thank you for your support!

Your Money supports:

  • Production of Original Sri Kala Albums

  • Remixes of mines and others

  • State of Heart - Live Tour

  • Ease of Travel to Festivals or events.

  • My team, who helps me bring the full vibes

  • Me to spend more time with my Wife and Child and not be running around traveling.. all the time.

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