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1 on 1 * Creative Connection
with Sri Kala


Living in your Unique Masterpiece!
We all have it…
Singers, DJs and producers, spoken word artists, yogis, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs.
What new masterpieces are you ready to show the world?

All 1 on 1 programs are 3, 6 or 9 months.
Ranging between $25,000 to $70,000

   You are already a masterpiece on earth and there is so much more that your ready to express. There is nothing like exploring your own creative and spiritual life through the guidance of someone who cares for all dimensions of you.  With 15 years of meditation, mantra, qigong, yoga and energy work practice, I have a many tools to guide your every step. As a performing artist, music producer and artist coach I have lived the artist lifestyle enough to see the connections between consciousness and creativity. I offer up all this in service to you and to our global mission to usher in the next phase of this maturing planet earth.

In this creative connection package you’ll receive my full support and coaching through one on one live video chat or in person connection. 

In this program you will experience:

  • Confidence in the gifts you have to offer the world

  • Unblock your energetic pathways through creative self expression bring more health, wealth and freedom.

  • Deep inner connection with your self

  • A clear connection to the audience you want to reach

  • Support in your daily spiritual practice.

  • Understand your art as a spiritual practice.

Apply now and let's see if this program is right for you!


All 1 on 1 programs are 3, 6 or 9 months.
Ranging between $25,000 to $70,000

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Depending on the connection and what is wanted in each unique journey. There are different tools and resources I have to serve you:

  • Vocal awakening - Through the voice we freeing up the energetic pathways in the body. With vocal play and expression. Seeing how each note resonates in the body will give you greater confidence and connection to your authentic expression.

  • Movement meditation - We access our deeper genius and emotional energies through movement. How can we use the body to awaken our enthusiasm for life and awaken the soul.

  • Conversation - As we dive deeper into the art of listening to ourselves, theres nothing more satisfying than getting to put my attention on you and listen to all your parts and reflect to you words of healing and connection. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What roads are we taking?

Program Add Ons

  • Music Production - Take the sounds and words that come up in our sessions and bring them into professional music production. Produce and album or a song. Sri Kala has created over 30 albums and hundreds of singles and remixes.  This isn't just for music artists. Teachers, workshop leaders, spoken word all can benefit from having their voice accessible through channels like itunes, apple music, spotify, tidal, soundcloud. Sri Kala has a resource of over 30 instrumentalists that can play almost every instrument you are hearing. With professionals on his team to get your music mixed or mastered the right way.

  • Travel Retreat - Different locations have different flavors of inspiration and energy. By leaving your familiar atmosphere we will be freed up to have our imaginations run wild and create space for you to create masterpieces of art and sound. This retreat can be an add-on of 3-4 days to your 1-on-1 program. Retreat locations: Sedona, LA, NYC, Paris, London, Amsterdam (depending 2020 travel restrictions).

  • Social Media Agency - With all the creativity and art that emerges from your sessions, Sri Kala's media team "Masterpiece Media" will create a strategy and set up a plan to capture videos and photos that create a connection between you and your audience. Share your authentic and unique story.  

I only have space for about 10 private clients a year. So this is a limited opportunity.
Apply and see if this is right for you ---->

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