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You received $SRI !
Let's Get Started.


Step 1: Redeem your first $SRI

  • Go to your earn code link or scan the QR code you received

    • You will be taken to the Roll website and asked to sign in or create an account. You only need to sign up for Roll once. When you have an account set up, we can send $SRI directly to your wallet.

  • Create your Roll account

    • Here you will create a username, and you will be asked to provide a phone number and email—this is just for account verification; your information is safe.​

  • Verify your account and log in! 

    • You will then earn your $SRI and be taken to the Roll dashboard. This is where your Roll Wallet lives, and you can also check out other social tokens.​


 Step 2: Share your Roll username with us


  • Once you have your $SRI, fill out this quick form, so we can keep sending you $SRI as you engage and grow with the community:


Step 3: Join the community! 


In our Mighty Networks, you can stay on top of announcements on upcoming events, rewards, and how to earn more $SRI. You can also get to know others like minds like yourself, learn more about Web3, and share your latest creative project, Music, or NFT.  You will be welcomed into an exclusive token gated group and can hold any amount of $SRI to join.  


Already a Web3 Native? Come hang out in our Discord

Love Telegram? It's the icing on the cake. We have a token-gated
Telegram channel, and you must be holding 150 $
SRI to join.

Sri Coin image.png

$SRI is all about coming home to yourself through creative expression; thank you for being a part of the community! Find more info on $SRI HERE.


Here we will walk you through 3 quick steps to redeem your $SRI and join the fun.

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