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Unique Masterpiece University
Square Stage


A resource for conscious embodied creative expression. Hosted by Srikala and a carefully selected group of creative masters. We serve you by supporting your clarity of mind, purpose of heart and skill of the hands. A space to get to know more sides of yourself and be surrounded by others interested in the union of spirituality, creative expression and massive world impact.

Our Premiere Courses

State of Heart

Mindfulness &

Writer's Bliss 

Srikala - STATE OF HEART - Art by Lucia

State of Heart is a live free-form musical journey performed by Srikala. We welcome all beings into a container of transformational sounds from Srikala's vocal resonance. With juicy rhythm and meditative beats you experience greater embodiment and the clearing of every obstacle on your path. 

 Mindfulness & Writer's Bliss is a 90 minute live online group sessions to fine-tune your inner master and unlock more dimensions of writing. Each session is filled with: 

-Writing prompts and (verbal) exploration

-Guided meditation

-Simple Qigong movements

-Easy breathwork exercises

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