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The Unravel Experience
with Sri Kala

Please join me for an experiential, interactive virtual tour of my latest album, UNRAVEL, where we time-travel through vocal toning supported by our collective movement and writing. Let me create soundscapes to guide you into a deep unraveling. Use your creative expression to bring your chaos into form. UNRAVEL is a ceremony that invokes lasting freedom and deep relief from limitations.  


We’ll meet on Zoom - me in my music studio and you in the sacred space of your choosing. 

You can join me for some or all of the four studio sessions.


​All dates are 11:30 am - 1:30 pm PST / 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm EST

August 2nd, Friday | Primal / Sacral

August 7th, Wednesday | Sacral / Shango

August 13th, Tuesday | Shango / High Heart

August 22nd, Thursday  | High Heart / Desire

Location: Online Through Video Chat




Full Ride: $500 for all four sessions (save $100 bucks) 

All the sessions build on each other, though they can also be stand-alone. Spend some deep time with me and receive the full transmission. The Full Ride also includes replays of all four sessions.


By purchasing a full-ride ticket, you will support future unraveling events and musical projects. Purchasing a full-ride ticket also allows us to offer sessions at a much lower cost as a gift to our BIPOC audience. Thank you for supporting the diversity of our creative community.


Pay It Forward: $150 for each session.

This is a musical performance event as well as an interactive healing workshop. This ticket contributes to releasing more unraveling events and musical projects. Buying this ticket allows us to offer sessions at a much lower cost as a gift to our BIPOC audience. Thank you for supporting the diversity of our creative community. 


BIPOC Tickets: $60 for each session $240 For All

This is a gift for those of racially diverse backgrounds. As a person of color and someone who has led, performed, and guided at so many events and festivals, I know that people of color don't feel welcome or safe to participate because they are saturated with one skin color. I've created this price point as a way to make an easier pathway for BIPOC community to say yes. I want to let the BIPOC community know that I see you, and I want you to be heard, felt, and thrive in your creative expression.

​About your guide Sri Kala:

Devoted to conscious creative expression, Sri Kala has lived as a professional skateboarder riding the streets of Brooklyn, a monk serving in temples singing ancient mantras, and now resides in Los Angeles as a musician and creative coach who has mastered the art of music production and is a lifelong student of sound and vibration. 



It’s an album of music made of layers of my vocal toning. It can be used for spiritual practice and anything else that involves profound transformation. You can hear the Unravel Album here—it features five songs that express archetypes I've discovered within myself.

UNRAVEL is also the name of a transformational technology—the culmination of years of spiritual training, the highest-level tool of transformation I have experienced, witnessed, or offered. It literally softens, unwinds, and releases the emotional, physical, creative, spiritual, financial, and energetic blocks that pin us in place, keep us stuck, and hold us back.

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