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1 on 1  Connection

This is an intimate and private connection. Where we explore the boundaries of creative limitations.  Calling in lost parts of you into masterpieces of art. 


1 on 1 journeys with me are weekly for 3, 6 or 9 months.  

From our intro conversation, we create a unique curriculum just for you. 

Why wait? Let's start our connection.

Here is your first mission:

Listen to "Carry You Home" and have a writing session for 5-10 mins on these questions:


What does home mean to you?

What is the water carrying you there?

This is not a test or a quiz. This is the beginning of our journey and we will do it with creativity and fun. Sit in meditation with the music and the most nearest part of yourself and write. All you need is 5 mins - 10 mins. 


Once you are finished writing submit your words below and I'll give you the next step.

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