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Surrender (Cosmic Mix)


 A nervous system reset designed for a deep sound healing dive into the unknown.


This new version of one of Sri Kala's most played tracks, "Surrender", has been recreated with more of the tonal elements that have been a primary focus in Sri Kala's life and music. 

"Surrender (Cosmic Mix)" was previously only available to the Surrender NFT holders, and we're dropping it now with a special twist. 

This is the first song in the Sri Kala catalog where we are offering you the ability to buy royalty shares and be a part of the new music industry. 

You can own a piece of this song. 

It's a revolutionary way to invest in music with the potential to earn revenue through the track's success.

For me, music offers a potent space of Surrender. A place that allows me to alchemize what is no longer serving me into creative expression.

- Sri Kala

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