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Limited Edition NFT.jpg


Limited Edition

NFT Release

Featuring art by

Lori Menna of

Cosmic Collage

I feel you coming through... soften what wants to fight.

I’m falling into you, knowing you’ll hold me tight.

You don’t have to move.. oh please stay overnight.

the Sun replace the Moon and welcome the morning light


Surrender, Come As You Are

Surrender is a nourishing journey to fully reset the nervous system. The AUDIO VISUAL contains original artwork by Lori Menna of @CosmicCollage. Animated by Srikala. 


A Meditation NFT for self realization. With music recorded, written, mixed and mastered by Srikala.


This Surrender Limited Edition Release comes with an unlockable of 4 music tracks and the 1500x1500 mp4 of the Surrender audio-visual NFT.


- A NEW VERSION of the song Surrender for a deep sound healing dive.

- Full Original Track 

- Instrumental of Original track

- 1500x1500 Mp4 Video of Surrender Audio-Visual NFT


Light a candle, draw a bath, or just lay on the floor and take in the sound frequencies and let your mind, spirit and every cell in your body be nourished.

Listen to my new album "Srikala'

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