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Join in as we take a deep dive into the meanings of Srikala’s new Self-titled 2021 album. It will not be your regular “sing each song” kind of album release party, though there will be some of that. The musical choices are full of meaning, so we will talk about the creative process. The reasons behind the rhythms.


The music gives your soul a sound.


The event will be held live on the Disclosure Fest YouTube. In partnership with Super Massive Clothing, Black Swan Sounds and Unique Masterpiece.


Joining the live stream to talk about the creative process will be Srikala’s co-producer Diamond. A Grammy nominated music producer that has worked with artists like  J. Cole, Estelle, Lil Kim and Caleb Steph.


Srikala has taken a few turns in his life's journey. From sponsored skater to living an ashram studying eastern philosophy and practicing meditation. Now deeply integrated into the world he has offered his love as a music performer, artist and spiritual teacher. The most recent is his new found connection to his African roots. With today’s technology, a DNA test has traced his roots back to tribes from Cameroon and Nigeria.


Srikala’s first self-titled album is a sonic expression of coming home. Through his musical collages we take glimpses into the collected parts of himself. With the sounds of Afrobeat, R&B Fusion, Mantra and Hiphop. It is Brooklyn meets LA, Africa meets India. You can hear the deep healing and spiritual meaning he found through the Eastern spiritual traditions. You can taste his recent awakenings from the spices of his african roots.


As you listen to the album, you can follow the line of your father’s father or mother’s mother and touch the electricity that gives deeper clarity to the soul.


Srikala’s music will facilitate you in accessing the part of yourself that you long to feel. The parts that you’re protecting yourself from feeling.


Be witnessed as the sounds reach and reflect the depths of your essence.

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