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Vocal Freedom
A Journey to Authentic Self Expression

Make me an offer - Special Pricing

Truth is...

I'm not motivated by money.
I'm motivated by satisfaction.

The generic ways of charging for an offering don't work for me, and we are all asking to move into this new and unknown world.

I would rather be working with you because we both light up when we think of being in the same space together, Singing and getting free. Money is essential but not as important to me as the pure energy that wants to live and be expressed. When my inner authority says YES, let's find a way.

So I'm adding another pricing structure to my vocal freedom program with limited seats available.

It's called "Make Me An Offer."

I trust in your generosity and want to ensure that this program is accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial situation.

Do you want to do this vocal freedom work with me?
Do you want some support around the words and sounds bubbling up in your chest?
Do you want to explore and echo sound into all of that unchartered real estate within your body?

Let's play.

Fill out the form so I can know more about you and see how we click.

One Love
Sri Kala

Pricing and Timing Options for reference

3 months Program
1.5 hr weekly sessions (12 sessions total) + One 3hr Immersion

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