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Journey of Self Realization

Srikala got his name after living as a celibate monk for 7 years in the Bhakti tradition, The Science of Self Realization. With almost 2 decades of inner searching he has collected his own unique tools for his journey. 


     He has a deep connection to the oscillations of sound vibration. Either through mantra music meditation or sound healing frequencies. Through his studies and devotion to understanding sound healing he has developed the ability to hear and feel energy frequencies on the subtle platform and recreate them with his voice to promote healing for the mind and body.


  As a songwriter and musician, Srikala sees ART as a way to collect fragmented parts of the self and bring them into creative expression for the healing of the individual and the audience.


Aside from his love for sound and music. He has a deep understanding of breathwork, reiki, reconnective healing, qigong, astral travel, the Law of Attraction and other sciences and modalities.  


   On the path of full embodiment Srikala has a deep learning of how all this Divine Energy moves through Money and Sex. With all of these pathways of understanding he shows up for people daily as a Coach and Teacher to support you in diving deeper into your highest human potential.

Shine Your Light: 7 Month Group 

We are here to support you in living in full alignment with Self, so you’re seen by the people you most long to serve. We want to help you make money, create real wealth, and be successful in your service.

This program is for coaches, healers, visionaries, community builders, influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual teachers who are confident in their mastery and are now ready to scale.




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