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$SRI is a unique social token created by Sri Kala and Roll. 


More info on Social Tokens: Adaptor: The Rise of Social Money


The objective of $SRI is to support Sri Kala’s community in going deeper into their authentic expression. Holders of $SRI are also Sri Kala’s top fans and supporters. We have created this to love on you more!  


All fans, clients and supporters that come to Sri Kala events and workshops will receive $SRI that can be spent on lots of exclusive access rewards


Join the Discord to stay on top of announcements on upcoming events, rewards and how to earn more $SRI. You can also get to know other like minds like yourself. Share your latest creative project, Music or NFT.


Through full embodiment of being unapologetically yourself, offer your presence to the world as a healing balm.


Sri Coin image.png
  • 2 Day Sedona Retreat with Sri Kala 

  • Access to exclusive discord creative community group

  • Exclusive $SRI Token Holder events

  • Token gated exclusive content. Unreleased tracks.

  • Complimentary passes and big discounts to Live events and courses through spending $SRI.

  • Access to exclusive members-only music and Audio-Visuals NFTS from Sri Kala and friends.

You are invited to join our Discord for $SRI holders. This is where you will have access to VIP locations. 

Sri Coin image.png

Earn & SPend $SRI

Earning $SRI will continue to evolve as the community evolves.


1 - Channel It Challenge  is currently the best way to get $SRI. It's an online challenge that allows you to open up your creative expression.

2 - Inside of $SRI discord, we are giving away $Sri regularly for social media engagement. Sri will send a message out to the channel "social-tasks" when he wants your help to promote a special event. You can grab bags of $SRI for liking, commenting and sharing this content. 

3 - Sri Kala is also giving out $SRI to anyone that comes to his events or workshops. Also all 1 on 1 clients.